Pibow case for A+ with E-paper HAT

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This is the full height Pibow case for the Raspberry Pi model A+, custom tailored by those crafty pirates at Pimoroni to wrap around and protect your E-paper Hat. It comes with two versions of the clear acrylic top layer, one with button holes and one without, to suit your preferred configuration.

Assembling the case from layer 0 upwards, the Pi fits on top of layer 2, the E-paper HAT attaches after layer 6, then layer 7 & 8 and either the plain clear lid or the one with the holes for the buttons, if you are using them. If you need to remove the E-paper HAT at some point, carefully remove the lid and layers 8 & 7. You can then use a small electrical screwdriver under the edge of the PCB to gently lever the GPIO connector away from layer 6 and the Pi.

Price: £12

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