Pibow Bundle (E-paper HAT & Pibow case)

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Save £5 with this bundle: E-paper display HAT for the Raspberry Pi bundled with Pibow 2/3/3BPlus case from Pimoroni.    Note: you will need to provide your own Raspberry Pi!

Pibow case

This is the full height Pibow case for the Raspberry Pi model B+ and Raspberry Pi2 or Pi3 model B/B+, custom tailored by those crafty pirates at Pimoroni to wrap around and protect your E-paper Hat. It comes with two versions of the clear acrylic top layer, one with button holes and one without, to suit your preferred configuration.

Assembling the case from layer 0 upwards, the Pi fits on top of layer 2, the E-paper HAT attaches after layer 7, then layer 8 and either the plain clear lid or the one with the holes for the buttons, if you are using them. To assist, if you need to remove the E-paper HAT at some point, there are two notches at the rear of layer 7 where you can insert a small electrical screwdriver to gently lever the GPIO connector away from the Pi.

E-paper HAT

The E-paper display is 2.7″ diagonal and 264×176 pixels. The board features a battery-backed DS3231 real-time clock chip and is very accurate (to within 3 minutes per year) even when off-line. There is a RGB led for status indication and four pushbutton switches are supplied with each display which can be fitted, if required, to provide control functions. E-paper displays are very low energy, only consuming power when the display information is updated, and retaining the most recently written information for very long periods, even when power is removed.

An auto-install script here can update your Pi to the latest version, then install all the necessary packages and the example code. See the included README.txt or product support page for full instructions. Example code in C and python is also available from our github repository.


Bundle price: £45 (saving you £5)

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